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Who we are?

IITM Education Consultancy and Placement Firm (ECPF) was set up in 2022 under the authorization from the Department of Adult and Higher Education (DAHE), Ministry of Education. It is initiated with an objective to contribute to the Ministry of Education, DAHE in promoting a tertiary education that supports access, quality, relevance and lifelong learning opportunities.

Ever since knowledge and skill are a universal gift and the way to acquiring knowledge and skills are through training and education experience. Education is an absolute necessity in global society. Moreover, the demands for competencies, higher qualifications are constantly changing; we are continuously and consistently engaged in higher education. The IITM has the highly advanced and innovative higher educational options that prepares the leaders of tomorrow. Thus, we aspire to provide tertiary education of high quality in order to respond to the demands of national and international labor markets.

Additionally, the IITM -ECPF offers the best internationally recognized courses for higher education, to enable easy employment opportunities; and make our youth equipped and expectable in-terms of working skills within the nation as well as those who are exploring the international job market.

IITM pledges to render the best of services catering to all needs and concerns of the learning era. With much pride and honor, we share that all our visions, missions and objectives are in alignment with the vision of our beloved King.